SD Edge Series

In this series, I will take a very high-level view of a super relevant topic with the remote realities we face right now.  It has amazed me what has transpired in our Nation and the World over the last 4 weeks…  and what encourages me the most is making observations about how technology is stepping up to provide solutions – perhaps faster than at any time in our industry’s history.

Of course, there has been a huge run on hardware, benefitting many of our best VAR partners.  At times, we seen infrastructure needing immediate updates, cloud strategies deployed at light speed, UCaaS Solutions enabling communications remain strong regardless of physical locations, remote access strategies implemented in hours or days – not weeks or months, and of course service provider support to not only fill in gaps – but to become true partners of companies IT ecosystems.

Another very interesting trend is developing…. And that is the concept of the Software Defined Edge!  This was previously focused on branch offices, but is now being applied rapidly to remote users in a much more prolific way than 4 short weeks ago!

Let’s take a look at a few examples…  we stand ready to answer questions to take the conversations to a much more technical level – at your request!

– Mike Champion