About Us

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Xcelocloud was founded by a visionary entrepreneur who saw the need for managed services within enterprise-focused partners but lacked the internal ability to build a complex services program. The focus was on operational simplicity through a modern work platform driven by artificial intelligence, automation,  and customer experience.

With the ever-changing landscape of complex business-enabling technology platforms growing daily and the rising popularity of partner-delivered managed services to make those platforms accessible to end-users, we see Xcelocloud’s Modern Work Platform, XceloHub, and white-label product development becoming increasingly popular. XceloHub, combined with our integrated portfolio of services, is considered best in class and places customer satisfaction and experience at the forefront.

Xcelocloud is a services partner & integration hub powering some of the largest partners in the world. XceloHub Modern Work Platform utilizes complex AI-powered integrations to access Xcelocloud’s carefully curated partner ecosystem and extend our global multi-vendor support capabilities. Our platform maximizes our partners’ resources and supports tailored solutions purpose-built to drive results.

As we look forward and continue to support our partners, we are proud to stand by our mission to deliver best in class experience across all service towers: Advanced Engineering, Advanced Support,  Product Development, and Strategic Services.

The Xcelocloud Difference


Providing partners and their customers industry leading experts to solve problems



Driving customer experience with decades of success



Delivering repeatable and scalable process


Corporate Headquarters

Xcelocloud Corporate Headquarters contact page

Dallas, Texas

5331 East Mockingbird Lane
Dallas, Texas 75206

Sales Location

Atlanta, GA
Irvine, CA
Chicago, IL
New York, NY

Engineering Location

United States
Manila, Philippines
Bangalore, India
San José, Costa Rica