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The Xcelocloud Assessment Framework is a comprehensive service for assessing, evaluating and implementing technologies and modernization solutions. Expertise in network, SD-WAN, security, cloud, and unified communications are the foundation for each outcome produced from the assessment process. 


A framework built to help you discover and modernize all aspects of your network


A framework built to help you select and effectively deploy the best SD-WAN solution



A framework built to help you discovery and implement security services and tools


A framework built to help you evaluate and utilize any cloud platform with confidence


A framework built to help you transition legacy platforms to collaboration and cloud services

Certified cross platform expertise with common infrastructure providers such as:

Xcelocloud Assessment


Xcelocloud Assessment includes all components required to successfully deliver each framework output. For organizations that require additional support, add-ons are available.

PoC Support

Our team has experience with thousands of PoC’s utilizing proven processes to accelerate your evaluation.


Our team is certified with most major providers and utilize cross platform expertise to guarantee success.


Our partnerships extend to hundreds of providers globally for all access types and needs

Expense Management

Our cost optimization and expense management strategies can recover significant savings for you

Xcelocloud Assessments for Effective Outcomes

Xcelocloud Assessments quickly deliver a comprehensive analysis.

Xcelocloud Assessments


  • Recover and redistribute operating costs
  • Reallocate skilled team members to value adding projects
  • Support business requirements at scale
  • Modernize, improve and/or create efficiencies to support your strategy

Simplify Your Evaluation, reducing your time and resources by leveraging Xcelocloud expertise and proven processes

Xcelocloud Assessments deliver a highly Structured and repeatable processes for evaluating, and implementing modern technologies and services while minimizing the impact to your teams productivity.

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