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IT teams face immense pressure to integrate various technologies to meet business demands.

Supporting multiple technology vendors can lead to complex challenges. For example, an issue with email flow might be mistakenly attributed to Azure when the real culprit lies in a virtual firewall configuration on a Cisco platform. This highlights the necessity for a unified IT support approach to enhance efficiency and eliminate vendor blame games.

Multi-vendor, not multiple vendor

CIOs and CTOs find managing multiple vendor support programs lacks agility and accountability, causing critical IT challenges. The results can be recurring issues and escalations, wasting time and resources for enterprises.


IT leaders are looking for agility and flexibility and for a strategic partner.

“Offering a single point of support and service to today’s technology leaders is just the first step in addressing the challenge of the multiple vendor-based support and services model.”

— Intelligent CIO

“Our team of experts has enabled us to become the world’s first and only solutions provider to support over 20 different technology platforms from a single dedicated engineering team on a single pane of glass.”
Ethan Blodgett

— Ethan Blodget, EVP, Customer Experience

Xcelocloud Multi-Vendor Support Services


For our multi-vendor support operations, XceloHub is a single access point and orchestration platform.

Advanced Support

Xcelocloud Advanced Support provides a wide range of services, such as global service desk, help desk, remote monitoring and management, and security operations

Advanced Engineering

Xcelocloud Advanced Engineering offers reactive break/fix engineering and proactive advisory support for leading enterprise platforms and providers.

Strategic Services

Xcelocloud leverages our advanced engineering and project management teams to deliver project-based initiatives, including complex migrations, technology refreshes, and more.

Product Development

Xcelocloud creates white-label, co-branded, and custom products to help our partners and their customers create new lines of business.

Be A Strategic Partner for your Customers

Xcelocloud Multi-Vendor Support Services Deliver Business Success

Simplifies Vendor Management

Xcelocloud centralizes multi-vendor support for streamlined technology management.

Delivers Comprehensive Expertise

Xcelocloud provides expert, holistic multi-vendor support and troubleshooting.

Resolves Issues Faster

Xcelocloud ensures swift issue resolution, minimizing downtime and disruptions.

Guarantees Enhanced Flexibility
and Scalability

Xcelocloud ensures seamless scalability and flexibility for evolving businesses.

Optimizes Costs

Xcelocloud consolidates vendors, reducing costs and improving efficiency.

Delivers Proactive Maintenance and Monitoring

Xcelocloud’s proactive monitoring prevents failures, enhancing performance
and asset lifespan.

Break Down Multi-Vendor Silos

Regardless of the customer’s requirements, they are supported by the same Engineering POD and our integrated management platform, XceloHub. This ensures operational efficiency and effectiveness across multiple enterprise vendors. Xcelocloud promotes collaboration and adds value by improving interoperability in traditionally siloed organizations.

What is a POD?

definition a : A group of engineers assigned to a customer for the duration of a support contract, providing case ownership and consistent support experience. Dedicated engineering PODs simplify support and improve user experience by immediately connecting IT users to senior engineers.

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