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Xcelocloud’s comprehensive white-label multi-vendor support solution helps you alleviate your customers’ pain points and drive business growth. You can enhance customer satisfaction while addressing staffing gaps with round-the-clock coverage and tailored adoption services. Our engineering services can also complement your in-house staff, making it easier to scale project support.

Partner with Xcelocloud for:

Expanded Portfolio
Integrate a multi-vendor IT service to broaden your offerings, meet diverse technology needs, and appeal to a broader customer base.
End-to-End Solutions
Xcelocloud provides comprehensive solutions that address complex technological landscapes and enhance your value proposition and customer satisfaction.
Meeting Customer Needs
Meet the demand for integrated solutions with Xcelocloud’s multi-vendor approach, catering to diverse customer requirements.
Competitive Advantage
Stand out from competitors by offering third-party multi-vendor IT services, positioning your company as a one-stop shop for diverse IT needs.
Adaptability to Trends
Stay agile and adapt to emerging market trends and technological innovations with Xcelocloud’s dynamic approach.
New Revenue Streams
Xcelocloud’s multi-vendor IT services create additional revenue opportunities through service contracts, consulting, and ongoing support.
Stronger Customer Relationships
Build enduring customer relationships by offering comprehensive solutions from different vendors, becoming a trusted advisor in addressing various technology challenges.

Why Choose Xcelocloud

5 Reasons to Partner with Us

“By partnering with Xcelocloud, you can significantly enhance your service offerings, leverage advanced technologies, and benefit from a collaborative and supportive relationship that drives growth and success for both parties.”
Joe McKinney

– Joe McKinney, Executive Director, Partner Development

Making a difference for you and your customers

Over 50K L3 and L4 cases resolved

Over 150 enterprise customers supported

Users in over 40 countries supported

Over $50M in partner business won

Over 5K partner salespeople supported globally

Offering services for multiple top-tier enterprise VARs and Distributors

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