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We recognize the difficulties organizations encounter when establishing internal service programs. That’s why we have dedicated ourselves to offering highly adaptable and responsive support and service solutions. We deliver these solutions through complete white-label services and enable technology solution providers to incorporate our offerings seamlessly into their own brand.

Tailor-Made Service Offering

Our services approach allows us to tailor a multi-vendor support solution that fits our partners’ specific needs.


We have already enabled several enterprise-focused partners to offer cost-effective programs based on statements of work (SOWs) or flexible credit-hour options that provide significant value over typical “use it or lose it” OEM support options.

Expanded Engineering Capacity

Our engineering services can complement your in-house staff and help you scale up when you need additional staff for projects 

or fill in the gaps when your staff is busy.

Xcelocloud Professional Service Offerings

Our complete solution delivers more than
just IT support.

Marketing Support

Sales Tools


“Xcelocloud has more than doubled our service revenues each of the last 4 years. This growth from a simple concept is remarkable and showcases what a real “partnership” can bring to the table.”

— Senior Director of Services for global, enterprise-focused Value Added Reseller

Powering Top Partners

Xcelocloud’s branded multi-vendor support program, MVSS365 encompasses our entire support offering. Re-brand it as your own or let us serve customers on your behalf. Learn more about our successful white-label program

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