Next Gen Networks

Trends in both IT and business are driving organizations to reconsider and rearchitect their global networks. Legacy networks and legacy networking strategies are no longer supporting the high demand for speed, performance, cloud strategies and cost savings the business needs to operate at its best.

Xcelocloud’s next-generation networking solution leverages our talented engineering team, our overall price enhancing strategy and our commitment to a customer centric model.

SD-WAN Solutions

SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Networking) is one of the most disruptive and valuable technologies that we have seen in years. With its ability to lower LAN/WAN costs while improving performance, reliability, delivery, management and more, it’s becoming a must-have for organizations of all sizes.

Currently, there are 80+ SD-WAN vendors competing to win market share. All with similar stories, similar use cases and some decent wins, how do you make a decision?

Xcelocloud’s SD-WAN segment utilizes their extensive knowledge of the global SD-WAN market and our proprietary SD-WAN Assessment Consulting Framework to cut through the noise and help organizations accelerate their evaluation by months.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud is a broad concept in technology with many definitions and typically varies from organization to organization. Once defined, we can all agree that a clear cloud strategy is critical to supporting your internal and external business partners.

Xcelocloud’s cloud segment is unique in its ability to strategize and support our client’s cloud journey, from inception to execution. From UCaaS to other critical business applications, we can help your team find clarity within your strategy!

Cyber Security

Cybersecurity, or more simply, protecting your organizations physical and digital data sets is the most critical function of your information technology strategy. As IT trends move toward a cloud and services delivered model, as our workforce becomes more remote and as the business demands shift to a data-centric mindset, securing your organization’s data has never been more important.

Threat factors globally are tasked with infiltrating, manipulating and exploiting your data for countless reasons; manipulating stock price, brand reputation, corporate theft, politics, hacktivism etc. Just look at the countless breaches and public notifications we’ve seen over the years.

Xcelocloud’s Cybersecurity segment combines years of front-line experience, both in cyber operations as well as compliance and audit. This team was carefully selected to combat enterprise threats and ensure our clients successfully protect their organization’s data.

Managed Services

A common adage we hear from our clients is “do more with less.”  Sound familiar? Some organizations are slowly looking to the future and are making a cultural shift – understanding that IT can help drive innovation through technology and can improve top-line revenue.

While business demands increase, many organizations are asking their leaders to do more with challeging budgets making it impossible to fully support the organization’s strategy and deliver a valuable and reliable service to their end users.

Xcelocloud’s managed services segment focused on partnering with team leaders to extend their teams capabilities and offload time-consuming tasks.


Xcelocloud Managed IT Platform is a comprehensive offering that addresses several key areas of your environment: Monitoring, Service Desk, Support, Remediation, Unified Security Management and Professional Services. Managed IT Through Enterprise Support Plus (ESP) Enterprise Support Plus improves availability by providing your organization with 24/7/365 monitoring, remediation, service desk, and managed IT support of unique infrastructure regardless of whether your infrastructure is on-premises, remote, at a third-party data center, or hosted in the cloud.

Xcelocloud Managed IT supports elements of network, desktops, collaboration, servers, storage, and applications. All carriers and equipment manufacturers are supported.


Cyber Secure Plus (CSP) accelerates and centralizes threat detection, incident response, and compliance management for your cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments. CSP includes purpose-built cloud sensors that natively monitor your Network Elements, Servers, Desktops, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure cloud environments, and cloud applications like Office 365. On premises, lightweight virtual sensors run on Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware ESXi to monitor your virtual private cloud and physical IT infrastructure.

With CSP, you can rapidly deploy sensors into your cloud and on-premises environments while centrally managing data collection, security analysis, and threat detection from the Xcelocloud Secure Cloud powered by AlienVault USM Anywhere.

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