Managed Services

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A common adage we hear from our clients is “do more with less.”  Sound familiar?

Some organizations are slowly looking to the future and are making a cultural shift – understanding that IT can help drive innovation through technology and can improve top-line revenue. But sadly, this shift does not seem to be the case with most.

While business demands increase, many organizations are asking their leaders to decrease team size, work with what they have, and even cut costs. Making it impossible to fully support the organization’s strategy and deliver a valuable and reliable service to their end users.

Xcelocloud’s managed services segment focused on partnering with team leaders to extend their teams capabilities and offload time-consuming tasks. Key focuses:

  • Solution management leveraging custom Network Operations Center (NOC) and Security Operations Center (SOC) as a Service solution
  • Solution migration, implementation and project management resources
  • Procurement as a Service and contract advocacy
  • Billing support and cost optimization for wireline and wireless contracts
  • Staff augmentation

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