SD-WAN (software defined wide area networking) is one of the most disruptive and valuable technologies that we have seen in years. With its ability to lower LAN/WAN costs while improving performance, reliability, delivery, management and more, it’s becoming a must-have for organizations of all sizes.

With high demand comes high competition. Currently, there are 50+ SD-WAN vendors competing to win market share. All with similar stories, similar use cases and some decent wins, how do you make a decision?

Xcelocloud’s SD-WAN segment utilizes their extensive knowledge of the global SD-WAN market and proprietary SD-WAN Assessment Framework to cut through the noise and help organizations accelerate their evaluation by months. Key focuses:

  • Comprehensive SD-WAN assessments
  • Market leading overviews and research
  • Structured evaluations and PoC oversight
  • Selection and implementation support for chosen SD-WAN partner
  • Multiple management support solutions

Do you know your SD-WAN readiness score?