CONTEXT:  Usually stated by either the bottom 80% of the 52 SD-WAN providers that currently exist OR by IT Team Members that do not want to take the time to understand and define the market!

HERE IS THE TRUTH:  There are so many macro and micro differences in SD-WAN solutions, it can make even the brightest of minds dizzy!  Application aware, application defined, packet-based, encryption protocols, deliverability modalities, network requirements, etc. etc. etc… These are just the start of the technical distinctions…  then you have differences in customer experiences to consider.  How does the company’s leadership affect each solution; how about the people that serve you the customer; and what happens when a company is purchased – what happens then?  The truth is that NOT ALL SD-WAN SOLUTIONS OR COMPANIES ARE ALIKE!  There are 8-10 really good to great SD-WAN centric organizations – and the truth is that the Top 3 for your company depends heavily on your current and desired network design going forward.

For simplicity sake, we often illustrate the SD-WAN market with the 4 categories:  Carrier Delivered Solutions, Network as a Service Solutions, Packet Based and Application Defined Solutions.  Each category could have 1-2 worth considering for your company and evaluating a couple categories often gives you THE BEST selected solution to achieve your goals and objectives!

Disclaimer:  Xcelocloud is a leading SD-WAN/Network consultant to enterprise companies throughout the U.S./Globally.  While we are technology and carrier agnostic, we do believe the software defined networking will, ultimately, gain the majority of all network spend market share over the next 2 to 5 years! 

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