This marks a GREAT month for Xcelocloud…  October saw us officially expand our enterprise customer base from the Atlantic to the Pacific! As we have organized our company into three business divisions, we have seen the demand for our Xcelo-C group to come into company after company as a CONSULTANT to:

  • Assess current Networks
  • Assess SD-WAN Readiness
  • Identify Gaps
  • Design Next Generation Networks
  • Provide Timelines
  • Conduct other consulting and professional service activities

From Virginia Beach to Los Angeles – our team is growing like crazy!

For small IT companies out there trying to create a voice – we encourage you to work hard, drive value, listen to prospects and customers and GROW! You can do it!

If your LARGE ENTERPRISE company needs to take a step back to assess all possible market solutions for your WAN to see what makes the most sense going forward – please do not hesitate to call us at 470-447-1648 or email us at to schedule a brief introductory call.


Mike Champion

Founder & CEO of Xcelocloud INC