[Released January 2018]

The National Retail Federation’s BIG SHOW was in New York this week — bigger, and maybe better, than ever! With Xcelocloud being a National Solution Provider focused on Networks-Security-Cloud Applications-and Managed Services, I am sure that my lens of learnings is somewhat skewed — but for better or worse — here are my Top 3:

1.   The number of CMO’s, Omnichannel Directors and great people who oversee driving retailers’ revenue INCREASED in attendance this year. What that means for I.T. Leaders is — If you become their BEST SOURCE of technology information for your company — you become even MORE valuable to your organization and can discuss I.T. budgets from more than just an expense perspective!

2.   Your infrastructure becomes THE ENABLER to deliver an ever-increasing portfolio of customer experience tools, cloud applications at the store level and security solutions… IT Leaders need to continuously assess their network strategy and design criteria to ensure store connectivity is always up and consistently fast!

3.   “Times are a changin” in retail (and a really good old Bob Dylan song) … The time is NOW to get creative in how you approach your business and the tools/solutions you select to evaluate this year!

We, at Xcelocloud, are beyond excited! 2018 is going to be incredible — and challenging — full of ups and downs — but most of all FUN! We cannot wait to “problem solve” with a growing list of retail clients — while we enjoy the process and relationships that come along the way… In thinking about it, NRF was a lot like 2018 will be — just consolidated into 3 days!