[Released August 1, 2018]

“If you can’t secure your network, can’t afford your network, can’t scale your network and don’t trust your network, then why have it?” – Chris Drumgoole, GE CTO.

It seems like we hear about new technology daily. Enterprises these days are constantly in search of the next edge, the next idea that will increase profits for shareholders, lower operational burdens, free up human capital for a new project, cut costs etc. The list goes on as the business demands become more complex.

A growing theme among enterprise companies is digital transformation. This can mean many things to many companies, but generally follows a common idea: adoption of modern technology to improve and/or support new business processes and requirements – Digital Transformation.

We are starting to see enterprises “dip their toe in the water, feel it out, give things a try…” but typically, the all-in approach is still few and far between. GE’s transformation story led by CTO, Chris Drumgoole is one of my favorite use cases to date, as he decided to take the all-in approach and replace his entire network with a combination of SD-WAN and cloud-based security – GE Transformation Story.

His progressive acceptance of cloud and his understanding of the value these technologies add to the organization was exciting to read about. With such a recognizable global brand touting the benefits of next-generation technology, we are hoping organizations on the fence will have the confidence to implement their own digital transformation strategy.

Marc Andreessen’s famous quote, “software is eating the world,” is truer than ever. Software-defined strategies are here to stay and will only grow as we learn more about cutting-edge technologies like IoT and AI.

If your team is embarking on this journey, let Xcelocloud help you accelerate your process with our proprietary SD-WAN Assessment Framework (XSAF) – Which SD-WAN Solution Is Best For Me?