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We Modernize Networking & Security For Enterprise Companies

Our solutions and curated partner eco-system are carefully selected with the Xcelocloud principles in mind: Expertise, Experience and Execution.

Expertise in networking, security and support

Our team has honed this expertise with a combined experience of more than 100 years in complex Networks, Security and Support.

By cutting our teeth in our own data centers, large enterprise companies and public sector, we extend unique skills and understanding to your team.

Tier 3Teams built into support POD’s (Xcelocloud term for a group of engineers), each supporting a manufacturer or provider

Certified: Engineers are certified in most of the leading manufacturers and cloud providers

Cross Platform Expertise: Leveraging years of operational experience to design, manage and support your team

Depth: Globally focused, working with large enterprise companies and multinational resellers

Vendor Agnostic: Our solutions are purpose built to meet the complex requirements of your business

Experience to design, deploy, and coordinate multi-vendor solutions across networking and security.

Experienced, proven talent matters when achieving true network and security modernization on premise or in the cloud. This is an area that sets Xcelocloud apart from the rest: Industry leading services and a partner eco-system comprising the best technology available.

We maintain this standard through vigorous training, certification, and constant vetting of each partner solution. We then integrate them into our process to deliver customer outcomes.

Execution Trusted by Our Customers and Partners

Our Delivery engineers follow ITSM principles and our proven processes for success.

Our team extends your network and security programs with real-time support.

Our Network Operations Center is a seamless combination of specialized engineers, responding

to and remediating issues in your environment.

Our team will partner with you to provide industry best practices and guidance at each step in the process.

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