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Cybersecurity, or more simply, protecting your organizations physical and digital data sets is the most critical function of your information technology strategy. As IT trends move toward a cloud and services delivered model, as our workforce becomes more remote and as the business demands shift to a data-centric mindset, securing your organization’s data has never been more important.

Threat actors globally are tasked with infiltrating, manipulating and exploiting your data for countless reasons; manipulating stock price, brand reputation, corporate theft, politics, hacktivism etc. We live in a digital world and access to our data can be readily available. Just look at the countless breaches and public notifications we’ve seen over the years.

Xcelocloud’s Cybersecurity segment combines years of front-line experience, both in cyber operations as well as compliance and audit. This team was carefully selected to combat enterprise threats and ensure our clients successfully protect their organization’s data. Key focuses:

  • Compliance consulting, above and beyond simple checkbox compliance
  • Security Operations Center (SOC) as a Service
  • Comprehensive security assessments, including internal and external
  • Management of point solutions (firewalls etc.)
  • DoS and DDoS protection services to ensure application availability
  • Business continuity, disaster recovery, and backup services
  • Access management for corporate and cloud services

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